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A major shift has occurred in all of our lives and more people are seeking the ability to earn an income online while having the freedom to work from anywhere they choose. The struggle is having no idea where to start. The other struggle is finding so much incomplete information on the internet that you keep getting stuck.

There are three major components to starting any online business: developing your brand and understanding your target audience, choosing systems and building out your brand so that you can launch your new online business, and then effectively marketing your business once you've launched.

There are many wonderful tools and resources available for online entrepreneurs.

It can become overwhelming choosing which resources will best suit your type of business.

Part of this process will be receiving the help you need to make these tough decisions for your business.

Hello! I'm Malissa (Yes, with an "A")

MY superpower is helping entrepreneurs fast start their online business!

I consider myself a launch strategist. I'm passionate about systems, processes, and QUICK results! Enthusiastic and imperfect action takers are my dream clients.

The greatest reward in what I do is help my clients take their business idea (their dream) and walk step by step with them to make it a reality.



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Define & design your business identity.

Create a clear picture for your target audience.

Simplify your messaging.

Ok. You have this great idea. You are excited about this new business you want to launch. It's unique and everybody is going to want it.

This is the biggest obstacle a new entrepreneur must overcome. Marketing to everyone will leave you wondering why nobody is responding. The MOST important step to building your brand is understanding your DREAM/PERFECT CUSTOMER! This is who you will be speaking to in all of your design and messaging.

Once you have created YOUR brand - you can more effectively communicate with your audience and draw them in. This is one of the MOST difficult lessons to learn, however, it will also be one of the most profitable lessons you'll learn as an entrepreneur.


System Setup & Design

Starting at


One -Time

Social Media Setup & Optimization

Website|Funnel|Sales Channel Build/Audit

Google/YouTube Channel/Podcast Setup & Optimization

Graphics for Online Assets

Launch Strategy

Choose Your Systems

Build Your Online Assets

Setup & Design The Systems

Launch Your Business

Systems and tools are a huge part of any business launch. The tech side of these systems can stall or slow down progress. Connecting and integrating systems is like putting together a puzzle. The more systems you use, the more difficult the puzzle.

Partner with Fast Start Seller to assist you in selecting, developing, and connecting these systems for you so that you have a successful launch.

The project will include addressing all the seemingly small details that give your business a cohesive and well-put-together presence.

*Complete website build will be priced accordingly. Let's talk about your needs so we can create a plan to fit your budget. I build primarily on FG Funnels and Shopify.

You'll receive a "Getting Started" email immediately after you purchase.


Communicate Your Message & Help Customers Find You

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Minimum 10 hours a month

Search Engine Optimization | Keyword Research

Website Optimization

Google | Social Media Paid Ads Management

Auto Responder | Email Campaign Setup & Launch

Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Ads Strategies

Email Strategies & Campaigns

The most common statement I hear from entrepreneurs launching a new business is "I thought if I launched my website, the customers would come flooding in".

Your website and cohesive online presence is a huge part of building your brand, but it is not the only part.

Organic reach takes time and effort to be easily found online amongst all the many other people launching. Paid reach has much faster results and requires a marketing budget. We will design a strategy that best suits your business and your audience.

*This is an ongoing monthly service. Hourly rate is based on local vs national vs global reach strategy.


There are three common ways new entrepreneurs will choose to setup a business.

Fast Start U is for those who want to do the all of the work and just need guidance at their own pace.

For those who want to do some of the work and want someone to strategize with and who implement chosen strategy when necessary.

For those who want to be hands off and have a team do the work for you.

The biggest challenge is the ability to keep going and stay on course when it gets difficult

Join our Fast Start Mastermind Group where you can network and connect with other entrepreneurs who are also building their business's online presence.

If You Are Working With A Small Budget And Just Need Some Guidance This Might Be The PERFECT Solution For You!

If You Are Ready To Get Started, Let's Discuss Your Business To See If We Are A Good Fit To Work Together.

If we find that we are, I will send you a proposal with a few options and we can go from there.

Book a Zoom meeting or phone call to discuss your goals & needs!

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